Keeping Pace With The IT Crowd

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Bangalore is a posh city of South India, known for its moderate and pleasant weather throughout the year. In most of the world, it is also referred to as the Indian Silicon Valley when in the last century, as time progressed, geo-politics and socio-economic conditions improved, several big Multi National Corporations looking to set up offices in Asia, began considering Bangalore. The sleepy town of Karnataka, became an IT hub when sought this lovely city as the base for their operations.

Most people would say as the demand for IT grew, so did the city. On the other hand, you can easily say, as the city grew, so did the industry. Whichever way the city grew, with IT came the need of Internet Service Providers in Bangalore. The real scenario today is that both the city and the IT industry depend on reliable Internet connectivity to beat nearest competitors and stay ahead of the curve. While a variety of reasons make Bangalore the choicest destination for youth looking for employment, here are a few factors,  that helped both the cities and the IT sector grow:

  • Best salaries – The salaries given out by the companies are good, they include ample performance based incentives that are absent in traditional business models of Asia along with plenty of other perks. But, to enjoy the best salaries, the city’s movers and shakers need the best of broadband plans, along with fastest connectivity in their homes and offices to deliver.
  • Better job opportunities – Bangalore has many IT MNCs in the city, thus possibility of employment is higher for all positions in a company, from executive to CEO, the possibilities are endless. Taking advantage of these possibilities is paramount!
  • Hospitable local people – Kannadigas or local Kannada people are friendly, warm and not xenophobic. The universal caste and creed tolerance level makes the environment healthy for personal and professional growth.
  • Climate & Safety – The city has a mild temperate climate, since it isn't located far from the coastlines of Karnataka and isn't too chilly either. The moderate weather is a big plus and it reflects in the attitude of the people. The city is considered safe for locals, migrants and tourists. Public transport is plenty and safe to use at all times
  • Education Institutes – Several universities and institutes offer the highest standards of education to prepare students to compete with the global standards of professionalism that the city and its inhabitants are used to.  Most of these students are travelling from different part of the country and the world, living in hostels and PGs. To remain connected to their families while ensuring that they are on top of their study materials, they require new broadband connections. ISPs need to give them uninterrupted connections at cost-effective rates to aid their development.

Companies such as Airtel are on the forefront of providing high speed broadband plans in Bangalore, as they realize the importance of the crowd, its burgeoning expectations along with the city’s elevated status of an IT hub. With the laying of the v-fibre optic cables across the city, citizens can now afford speeds that go up to 100 Mbps. And such an experience seeks to invigorate the young crowd into fulfilling their own dreams of keeping pace with the IT expansion, aspirations of their company and of the nation.

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