Kano DIY Computer Kit for Kids Review

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Hi my name is Kat and Welcome to my Corner!

Today I am going to review something very neat, The Kano Computer Kit Complete. It is a DIY computer kit made just for kids. I just learned that DIY means DO IT YOURSELF. This is my very first computer and I built it myself! I really liked building it, it was the funest thing to build.

The Kano Computer Kit Complete

Ok here is the box... Super cool box everything looks so cool!

Un-Boxing Kano Computer

Look at all the amazing parts!

Building The Computer

 I really did not think I could build it on my own. I was worried at first. My dad said try and he would help me but I only had one piece the wrong way. So it was easy more than I thought. I liked it a lot.

When your done building it you can put stickers on it! I like how the keyboard fits in the back.

Using the Kano Computer

You can make art, play games, make games, hack minecraft and a lot more. I am still trying to learn how to use it.

Kano KIT Rating...

Have a great day and thank you for visiting my corner!

Note from Dad:

At first glance, I thought 249$ was a little extreme for a 38$ raspberry pi unit and a tablet. Upon further inspection and after seeing product first hand, it’s well worth the price. You can’t look at the price for just the equipment you have to assess the entire package.  It’s a very simple design which is perfect for kids and it is load with coding training disguised as art and games. It’s more than a toy it’s an educational tool. Lastly there are parental controls for chat and internet access. 


As a Nigerian, the word Kano drew me to this post and right now I'm researching the origin of that name and its meaning in this context.

And oh! Kano is a state and city in Nigeria

google search "kano computer" from their site or amazon.

This looks cute and suitable for children :) I love it!

thank you i think all kids will like

I doubt if the kiddo at my place would utilize it however she will definitely love the color 😛

I like the colors too :) she might use it I am just starting to get it so I use it more now

Lovely Computer Kit that's a great thing to get kids started on this

thank you I really like it!

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This looks very interesting. Thank you Kat for sharing!