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Hello again. I have never blogged in my life! I'll admit this whole website made me a little ill and gave me a headache trying to process how to do everything then throw the crypto coin in and "KABOOM" processing centers down. After several days of research I decided what the hell did I have to lose. I did however post several different types of steem to see what people were reacting to before I decided to do an "introduce yourself." It didn't get a very good response and tonight I found out why. When I clicked on the blog in my account there was only one paragraph!

I kept reliving posts that I had connected with like @ cryptogee https://steemit.com/steem/@cryptogee/the-goose-and-the-golden-steem-a-tale-by-cryptogee and I spent hours finishing my masterpiece. The posts I enjoy have multiple pictures but It took me a long time to figure out how to do that and apparently I didn't! I tried to post a pic, write a couple paragraphs, accentuate with another pic etc. However the words and the pic sometimes became inverted, or the stupid space station came up instead of the pic. I did post for advice about this and another steemer told me its temporary. This is not the case because quite a few of my pics have the stupid line drawing as the face of my post until you click on it. Anyway long story short: Would I look like a noob trying to cheat the market by re-posting a hope fully improved "introduceyourself" or would it be considered a learning curve because I'm not 100% sure I've got the picture embedding down.

I'm going to check all of my other posts lol because the last one I used an open email to cut and paste part of my heart after I typed it out. Then I cut and pasted backwards from the end of my post as I embedded the images backwards too because they kept going wherever they wanted. Grrr I won't give up but I deff appreciate some advice. I'm not a total dumbass, but I am computer code retarded in a big way. Thanx for listening and I will be hopefully closing some of the holes in the seive of my brain while I anxiously await your comments! Blessed Be

ps alot of times my post loses the editor so I have to redo alot that's why I cut and paste to an open email!!


Lovin' the meme + the formatting burpee thing going on there () p>?? WTF? Ha ha!