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Josh Sigurdson talks with Kenneth Ameduri of Crush The Steet to talk about the future of artificial intelligence as the technology grows at a rapid rate.
We've seen stories in recent days regarding AI that can predict your personality by scanning your eyes, or self driving cars, or blood testing RFID chips in Olympians. Well there's more to this industry than creepy government overreach and technocracy. There's the potential for the free market.
Now, if we sit back and allow government to develop this kind of technology to their benefit, we will not be able to focus on the free market angle. Do we want to sit down and be apathetic to something that will move forward whether we like it or not? Or will we develop a more decentralized, less scary version of the inevitable that can help individuals live longer lives?
There is a common claim that AI destroys jobs. In reality, 50% of the jobs that exist today cannot have been thought of 20 years ago. As a matter of fact, technology creates more jobs. Infant mortality rates have dramatically changed since the 1990s. Life has become more convenient (admittedly at some cost) and moving ahead of the government's inefficient development overall is a must if we want to continue with the pros and ensure they outweigh the cons.
Kenneth Ameduri gives some excellent explanations of the technology and how we can adapt to it without compromising our own privacy and safety. We understand the concern of our viewers and we share the concern, but if we do not understand and get educated on this subject matter, we will be left behind and it's far worse to be behind than prepared for the inevitable.

You can find Kenneth at Crush The Street on YouTube as well as at their official website!

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I love your hustle mate! How much content you put out is amazing. Keep going. Love from Germany!

AI will generate trillions of € but it will also put out of job tens of millions of unskilled workers and people in their 50s or older. People who used to clean horse shit from streets in late 19th century moved to car factories and did different repetitive job with low skill requirement... what will 55 years old ex-truck driver do now? Brain surgeon? High level software development or maybe astrophysicist? All 2 or so millions of them just in the US? Yea right. These hyper-optimistic expectations and stupid comparisons of AI job displacement with horse industry more than 100 years ago is dumb and scary tbh.

I believe that 1984 is already true and it will not take very long before everyone is in a dictatorship full of spies like a modern USSR would be like! MAKE ORWELL FICTION AGAIN... :D

You gotta get skills❗️Everything made by man has imperfections , so you have to know that someone is going to be needed to go fix the dam thing . So THINK . It pays more .