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Netflix is working on ‘brand-new AAA PC game’ based on job listings: Romain Dillet

Netflix has put up more than a dozen job listings on its website for Netflix Games Studio’s Los Angeles office, as spotted by Mobilegamer.biz. These listings give us a few hints about the company’s plans for the new studio. In particular, Netflix is hiring a …

Surveillance powers in UK's Online Safety Bill are risk to E2EE, warns legal expert: Natasha Lomas

Independent legal analysis of a controversial UK government proposal to regulate online speech under a safety-focused framework warns the bill poses a risk to the integrity of end-to-end encryption.

US authorities seize iSpoof, a call spoofing site that stole millions: Carly Page

Fraudsters spoofed trusted corporations to steal more than $120 million. Now, U.K. police are notifying victims by text message.

LinkedIn's rolling out a new feature that lets you schedule posts for later: Paul Sawers

LinkedIn is quietly rolling out a new feature that allows users to schedule posts to send at a later date and time.

Pivo powers up Nigerian freight carriers with a bespoke digital bank, gets $2M seed funding: Tage Kene-Okafor

Pivo, a startup that provides freight carriers with a bank account, debit card and digital invoicing tools, has raised $2 million.

Tesla extends FSD access to "anyone in North America who requests it": Rebecca Bellan

Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla's "full self-driving" beta software will begin a widespread rollout amid regulator scrutiny.

3 views: How wrong were our 2022 startup predictions?: Natasha Mascarenhas

How did our core startup theses for 2022 age in practice? Let's talk about acquisitions, usage-based pricing, and open source.

It's time to talk about killer robots: Brian Heater

Language in a new police disclosure raises concern over the use of "deadly force" robots in San Francisco.

Atoa helps UK merchants cut down on card processing fees: Catherine Shu

Visa and Mastercard payments are convenient for customers, but can cost merchants up to 2% in processing fees. Atoa Payments wants to provide a cheaper alternative that is still easy for customers to use. The London-based fintech announced today that it has r…

Anne Hathaway backs Pact, an all-women led VC for mission-driven startups, from West to East: Mike Butcher

Pact is a new Seed VC fund launched with a £30 million ($36 million) pot of cash to back early-stage startups across Europe. Pact will aim at ‘mission driven’ startups in what it calls the “ABC” categories: Access (economic inclusion), Betterment (personal an…

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