Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus review: Excellent, not monumental

in #tech3 years ago

That's right, it's time for a new flagship Android phone from Samsung. It basically looks the same, but there are some new perks under the hood, like a new processor and an improved camera. Everything else? Pretty standard.



So do you think it's better than the galaxy 8? Cause I tell ya...I'm the galaxy 8...haven't had a problem with it yet....I think it's a great phone yet

Better than the S8? Definitely. But you can get a refurbished S8 for roughly half the price of a new S9, and for some people that may be a much better deal.

Well I gotta look into it cause I love new technology...most likely give up my s8plus for the new 9....for me....this should be a given.

It has every feature you could want in a phone, I was impressed with the reveal. I'm probably going to get it not at release but in april sometime.

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