Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Sell Out Quick! Are they worth it? Is it the future? A Step In The Right Direction At Least!

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On May 10, Elon Musk announces Tesla's innovative solar roof system is ready for consumer purchase (Pre-Order).

Then 16 Day's Later... Tesla sells out of its stocks of Solar Tiles. The shortage for the tiles is likely to push into 2018!


Now that was fast! But really, was anyone expecting anything but this to happen? Just look back to the Model-3 (Which I jumped in line for btw) release with the same ordeal , $1,000 Deposit and immediately we are talking lines that stretch for years!


So just what makes this product superior to both old-school solar panels and traditional roofing? Two things: Design and a lifetime warranty.


“Solar Roof complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into electricity. With an integrated Powerwall battery, energy collected during the day is stored and made available any time, effectively turning your home into a personal utility,” Tesla explained on its site. “Glass solar tiles are so durable they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”

This price is very comparable to current high-end shingles but does come with some extra cost...

The average home in the United States is 2,467 square feet. According to Tesla’s handy solar calculator, the new system will set an average homeowner back $51,200 for a 70% solar roof. The company also recommends purchasing the additional, but optional, Powerwall battery to store all that new energy at $7,000, bringing the grand total of installation to $58,200. - Forbes


“It is the most affordable roof you can buy, all things considered,” said Peter Rive, co-founder of Tesla’s recently acquired SolarCity division.

It is estimated that over 1 million US homes use solar power in comparison to just 30,000 homes in 2006. An increase in the panel’s efficiency and simpler tools to make long-term cost calculations have also had a positive impact on consumers.

PowerScout estimates the cost of a new 2,000 square foot asphalt shingle roof to be $12,000. Asphalt shingles have a 20-year warranty. If a new roof is needed before the solar panels can be installed, the total cost increases to $23,900 and the payback period becomes 13 years. If a new roof is not required, the traditional rooftop solar system is 68% cheaper than the Solar Roof. If a new roof is required, the total cost of the roof and solar panels will be 35% less than the Solar Roof.

Cost Comparison: Tesla Solar Roof versus Solar Panels for a California Home

Solar Project TypeRoofPanelsTax CreditNet CostPayback in YearsDiscount to Tesla’s Price
Tesla Solar Roof$46,800$0-$10,100$36,70020.4Not Applicable
Solar Panels on Existing Roof$0$17,000-$5,100$11,9006.668%
Solar Panels with New Roof*$12,000$17,000-$5,100$23,90013.335%
  • Asphalt Composite Shingle at an average installed price of $6 per sq.ft.

More To Come as I dive into this more deeply... but I do defiantly think that even if it may not be the final solution, this is a big step in the right direction. It will force the competition to innovate and produce better and more affordable clean energy solutions, which is something we need badly.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Got to wonder. Theres a certain element of hype involved, but with a lifetime warranty Elon shiws that he intends to run with this till the end.

Lets hope the tech advances to where everyone will want them on their houses !


"Lets hope the tech advances to where everyone will want them on their houses!" Defiantly echo you on this one. Just imagine every single house and building with its own power source, and giving back to the grid when not fully used! Talk about self sufficiency, no need for energy importing and talk about the advantage for the planet!

Like I said even if this isn't the end solution it sure does open the door for it!

Smooth Black Tile Roof looks really slick! This would sell in Malaysia, would have to wait a long time


Well considering that west coast pretty much sold them out until 2018 , yes you'll have to wait so serious time! Time for them to expand I guess lol

My first house has to have these! Elon & the team at Tesla are shifting the paradigm.


I agree, If I lived and owned on the west coast I would have been right in line the first day knowing these would sell out. However a good year of testing failure in the field since Tesla has no experience would make great upgraded versions!


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. The price tag for Tesla's solar tiles, and a 20 year re-coup is the longest on the list. But i still think this is a good idea for some home owners who plan on staying at that specific home for awhile.


True , that is quite a long time! This timeframe will get smaller and smaller over time . Hopefully some upgrade options will be put in place? To cut that time down as time goes on.

The price will need to come way down before normal people will consider it. Just like the cars.

You can build your own solar panels for about $150 each and spend much less than $7000 on batteries. Then you can see a real payoff.

I hope this becomes cheaper because it really is a good idea. Thanks for the article.


I'd think the first people will be the upper class needing a new roof or building a new house , they'd spend that much anyway in a high end roof so why not make it solar and the looks aren't bad either!

there is no doubt that the environmental benefits are massive ,
however as the average american electricity bill is around the $1200 -1500 a year, its going to take a while to see financial Equity ,
but if you root needs replacing, it might work out !


Big point if your rough just plain needs replacing this option will defiantly have its merits and environmental benefits are always a great kicker

Definitely want my first house to have these :) . That would be awesome.

i wonder when will these be available in my country...


Muktinath? Possibly Never. But who Knows?


na my country is Nepal... and Muktinath is a Pilgrims location in my country...