Leatherman Tread for the modern man wristwatch

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The Leatherman is easily recognised by almost everyone as the multi-tool that has everything a man could ever need such as pliers, knife, screwdrivers and bottle openers.

The Leatherman really is the tool for everything a real man does. However, in 2015 Leatherman made a surprising announcement with their Tread Line products that took their toolkit from a pouch-held tool to a toolkit in a bracelet.

Recently this Leatherman bracelet took a bold step forward with the announcement of the Tempo Tread Watch. Just like the original Tread band or bracelet, the Tempo Tread Watch has stainless steel links that hold interchangeable tools for the modern, practical man.


The tools in this remarkable timepiece include Screwdrivers, SIM card picks, and hex wrenches that all double as a link in the watch strap. This really must be the first time that telling the time, a remarkable toolkit and looking fashionable all come together.

On the stainless steel watch, the watch is covered with a sapphire crystal and it has glow in the dark hour markers and hands.

Being ultra-practical, it will come as no surprise that the watch is waterproof to 200m and the watch is also allowed through security check in at any airport meaning this wristwatch toolkit can travel with you anywhere.

With the Tempo Tread Watch, you get six links for your tools such as hex drives, square drives and screw drivers.

There are other tools available such as pozi drives and box wrenches. Of course, the strap is adjustable and can be sized in quarter and half-inch increments.

High End

You will have to wait until November for the Tempo Tread Watch and it will come at a price $575.

This is the top of the range in the Leatherman Tread range and if the price is a little too much of a squeeze, you will be pleased to hear that the Tread LT has just been announced. The Tread LT is a slimmed down, lighter version of the original Leatherman Tread Band or Bracelet.

Entry level

The Tread LT costs around $175 and comes in stainless steel and a very fetching black.

It is packed with screwdrivers, cutting hooks, wrenches, and hex drives that can be arranged to suit every need.

Just for good measure, the LT has a bottle opener as every man needs to save the day at an emergency party.

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