Tech in Ghana London Countdown Begins... 7 Days to Go

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My third Tech in Ghana Conference will be kicking off in London this time next week.

See some of the speakers and topics to be discussed below.

I'll be sharing more highlights throughout the week...


TIGC_Panels_IG_card_BigData (1).jpgTIGC_Panels_IG_card_diapora.jpgTIGC_Panels_IG_card_Invest.jpg


Wow I will show this to @black-man and @yensesa, if he can attend

Great. Thanks for sharing

Madam ; ) lol

It will be great to one day have this in Ghana.

Technology business is one thing lacking out here as far as locally owned organizations. We really need tech manufacturing capacity in Ghana.

We were in Ghana last year @accra We'll be back in October! You can check our website for highlights and videos on ; )

Uh oh now you done got me excited!

Good! Haha

Finally this is coming to Ghana. I will make sure I fine time to come

Unfortunately this is in London.

Wpuld you be interested on helping organoze a a event thay is actually in ghana?

We launched at the Accra Digital Center in Ghana in November 2017. We’ll be back later his year in October 2018 ; )

That will be great, but in the mean time, we will keep monitoring the highlights of the London events. Keep us updated

Please do! We'll be streaming live on Facebook. You can also follow on Twitter @TechInGhana