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Wonderfull things happen along your journey, I may say that everything I've gone through is imperfect but I would rather to say imperfect is leading me to become a perfect one. Time is precious and gold we must value every single thing in our life, we must truly value the people who really made up your life and bring your face smile. I was a woman with pride, yes I admit, but now I must say its changes. Forgiveness changes me into a tender person and lovable, understanding. I dont want to look back those days where I cant find myself a freedom yet on my own. I remember the time, my girl cousin and I how we used to be happy. She become my friend on my childhood day, were being close, we used to changes clothes, slipper and headband that's what both closeness we held during the time. Our friendship as a cousin is very special, if one of us got bully of the other kids, we are helping each other.
😂😂She has soar eyes of this picture😆

Really close, we are so happy that time, we grow younger teenager our closeness the same. Nothing changes, until such time the things that we dont want to happened was come. We promised each other if ever we have a crush we will tell each other, and yes I know it, and she's crazy telling me dont got crush of him, his mind hahaha😂😂we feel so annoying that time. Time goes by, I heard it, she and the boy become lovers, thats why we are seldom to go out and hang out with my cousin. I really feel the changes that time, my cousin is to busy with her boyfriend and I do understand. We are in 4rth year high school that time, so i feel so lonely, I go to school alone and even in the recess time I saw her with her bf, but I never try to join with them cause I was shy, she never called me even if she saw me in the canteen. Its broke my heart, i feel like she dont want me to go with them. I go home alone, she dont even visit the house. Untill one time I decided to ask my cousin, what happen to us? Are you angry with me? But she only answer, please dont get me wrong, I want to spend time for my boyfriend so that he never look the other girls, just please understand why im doing this. I feel mad to my cousin, I only say that time, "please, even if you have a boyfriend dont forget your studies, we promise, we will marched both together" she only smile. Few month later, our closeness as a cousin was gone, I do have a friends my classmates, so I little bit happy now, with them I can feel satisfied and no more mad I felt. I really enjoy my studies, untill one time, when I was on my way to the foodcourt together with my classmates, I saw my cousin's bf eating there. I was expected that the girl he go with is my cousin, but my classmate called me to look who's the girl, I was so shock"its not my cousin". I dont know what their status both, but the thing I saw he hold the girl on her hand theres something fishy. The boy never notice that I was there in the foodcourt, I hide to my classmate so that he cant see me. I really saw them, they are so sweet like a lover, i decided to tell my cousin about that thing, but my cousin got angry to me, she think im lying, she think im doing this just to able to come back me. I was so disappointed to my cousin that time, I cried, The only thing I told her is because I dont want her to become blind to her boyfriend, but I never expected her reaction. That time I hate my cousin, I was really hurt of what she said to me, I was thinking, I dont care about her. I decided that time I will never talk with my cousin never, hatred is over thinking to my mind. One month after I tell her, she visit me on my classroom. My classmate told me, my cousin is here outside, but I never go out. Untill our class dismiss, she look after me in the gate, I decided to not to talk to her but I saw her crying😢😢 Its really hurt me the most. I thought I was strong to not to talk to her but Im weak😢. When she slowly walking towards me, I saw her tears on her eyes😢, she hug me while cried and say "Im sorry my Couz forgive me" im hurting you because of my love for that boy. My cousin said, " I was wrong for that guy, he dont deserve my love. So I forgive her, shes my cousin, and after that we became close again😍. image
*As what we've promised, We will marched together.

And now, She have her own family, just like me. Happy and contented☺

Whatever the misunderstanding you have, the most important thing you should remember is to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is happiness, where you are free for all the thing.

God bless steemians


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