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the tears is a voice in silence that expresses a feeling


A tear is to express how to be friends and enemies at the same time. It is a struggle that we face when expressing nervousness, fear, sadness and joy, and it only changes in intensity.

Being able to come up with a tear does not mean that you feel sadness, uncertainty, fear or pain. When I slide my face, it does not always express in my pain, impotence or loneliness. I feel that I can cry of joy and hide unbearable miseries. I feel happy when I am able to feel a tear because the day I am not able to release one, that day I will feel that I am not alive.

I know I can get the rage to walk on my cheeks, scream loud and strong, I can make my face feel one, knowing that the worst damage is keeping them inside me and hiding them

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This is so beautiful ♥

Thank you

good work

Thank you

Beautiful work. Love the surrealistic mood. Hope to see more of your work.

thank you very much

Hi my 1er commentary .... very good work!

Thank you

Beautiful drawing.
Try to put your username in your artistic works, this helps the steemit users to know that it is an original work, at the same time you avoid that another plagie your creation.

Thank you very much I will have you present