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Being a mother is more than of a regular work at the office.. If say like an office work will be for 8-9 hours , being a full time mom is more like 24/7 job with no salary. The reward? those moments spent with her kids , their smiles , milestones , achievements. But then again , No one was born to be perfect. All of us got flaws and weaknesses.



Now i am writng this to tell everyone that i may always want to be the best mother to them , but there are some points that i get tired ,probably got less patience. I am more of a disciplinarian type than my husband , and i think that's maybe because he's working moat of the time , that's why he just wanted the kids to remember moments with him as sweet and fun. So because of that , i am the one who says no to our kids , slap them on the butt , LOL (don't worry not too much) , hit on the hands when they did something wrong ( don't worry again , not soo hurting 😂) . But most of the time , when they did something wrong i'll let them look straight to my eyes and ask them what they did , then will teel them what to do. They will cry yes, but the sweet truth is, even you are the reason they cried , they will still choose to hug you and cry on your shoulder or lap

You know what , i call myself a monster mom sometimes because i feel like whenever i get tired or i am hungry , that's when i am getting less patience and get mad with my kids easily . But at the end of the day, before i sleep, i pray and cry to the Lord saying my sorry for hurting them and making them cry and to please forgiveme for what i did to my precious one, Then i will give kids my sweetest hug and goodnight kiss. The next morning , it's as if nothing happened , oh kids , that what i love about being a kid , you don't have problems and worries. But as a mother of three , i really wanted them to grow like that , to haveno fear and worries. And i wanted them to always remember that even i am not a perfect mom , one could wish for, i will be giving them my life 100% just to make sure they are happy and safe.

I may look like a dragon at times , but my love for them can win against the dragon's fire.

The monster mom,

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Great post @zephalexia and I believe most of us mom's are the same way.
Being a mother/parent is the hardest, but the most rewarding and amazing thing in the world.
Right now I'm dealing with a teenager who is turning 19 real quick and it can be so hard and so confusing no knowing what to say what not to say especially these days where the world is so different and there is so much stress and depression etc. you really have to be careful sometimes what to say or not to say.
I pray daily for guidance especially in raising my kids because just like you there is nothing in the world that mean so much to me like my kids and my hubby.

You have no idea how many times I wished I had a magic book with instructions and that gave me energy! We all make mistakes when parenting we are just not perfect, nobody is.

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