My Own Illustration Art @Teardrops And @Surpassinggoogle

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Hello Steemians,
I'd like to share my own art illustration proof of tears, @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle ,I hope you appreaciate my art,hahahaha.😀👍.I'm not totally good in art but i'd,trying my best to draw..hahaha😀

Maayung Pagpanihapon sa Tanan,
Kindly support @surpassinggoogle by voting him as witness by using the link below.
, after which you type "steemgigs"at the first search box.

I also want to urge you to support his project; our very own @teardrops smart token.👍

This is my token contribution for Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle 👍

![image]() ![image]() ![image]()
**I only used what's available in table ,my red ballpen,black ballpen and collor pencil in office.**👍😀
'Til next time,Thank you and God Bless..😀👍💞
>vote as a witness: ![image]() ![image]() ![image]() ![image]()
Yours truly, @yennarido

Keep Steeming👍😀💞

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