A Mother's Heartbreak: @Teardrops for a Sick Baby

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Those words are not even enough to describe how I feel as a mother everytime I see my baby feel sick.


My heart aches so much to see the pain and to hear the cry of my baby. I also cry whenever I see @teardrops on her face.


I feel so down because I feel useless and helpless seeing my baby suffer yet I feel I am not doing much to help her. I could only give her medicine, feed her, carry her in my arms, stay up all night just to check her condition.


Whenever a child is sick, mothers like me really hates it. We would often wish for a genie, a magic, a power to instantly heal our kids. We would often wish of owning their sufferrings. We wish to take their place of too much restlessness and discomfort.

"If only I could ask for your pain to be mine.."

"If only I could do anything to make your sickness go away this instant."

"If only.."

Those are the lines which most mothers would silently ask if their child is sick.

They would give anything in exchange for the betterment and happiness of their own child.

That's what a mother's love is..

so pure

so unconditional

so undying


So my baby, please get well soon. I miss your laugh already. 😢😢


Thank you for reading.




Special thanks to @iwrite @purpledaisy @antonette @bobiecayao @monwalker for your support.

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Gob bless!

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That is the feeling of a mother. It is unconditional love. Nice article. Get well soon baby.

Every baby sick or not does't matter, he is a heart beat of all mother. I hope he will recover soon and you be happy with your baby.


Thank you..

Don't worry about anything but pray for everything...great things will follow...SBD pa more..

just pray nothing is impossible..get well baby .your mom really loves you.


I know the feeling. It is really difficult if your baby is sick. You are wishing that the pain that your baby carrying can be transferred to you so your baby won't suffer to that pain but you can't get it from her. Seeing those pains are killing us softly mothers like us.

Get well soon baby! :(


Thank you @ishteldalosa..😇

get well soon baby

get well soon.

Welldone mother. I pray you eat the fruit of your labour

Teardrops (@surpassinggoogle) sends you a tear of hope. Your baby will improve.
A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Thank you so much for your thoughts. I pray she will be healed so soon. We already had two sleepless nights. I'm really worried about my baby's condition. If it becomes worse by tomorrow, I guess I'll have to bring my baby to the hOspital. 😢😢