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Early this morning, i woke up in the middle of a deep sleep due to the very noisy environment and the sounds came from the very loud and different voices. Even if i'm still sleepy that time i decided to stand up and get outside from my room just to check what happen outside and why their voices are so very loud. Only to see my niece crying so hard and i can tell that she's suffering from a deep pain. The pain came from her arms. I saw many burns in her arms from her shoulders to her hands. After asking to my sister what happened i found out that my niece accidentally got the burns from the hot edible oil in the frying pan.


Here is my niece, she is just a one year old and my heart was aching upon seeing her suffering from pain and crying so hard. The white thing on her arms is the burn ointment cream we put on the injured part. And we are struggling putting that ointment on her arms coz she don't want us to touch her skin.


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Oh, poor baby
Children are defenseless and must be kept away from risk areas such as the kitchen.

yes, they must be kept away from risk. So sad for that accident and hope that everybody must be more cautious and take what happened as a lesson to learn and really hoping that it would not happen again. The baby had a fever right now that’s why we feel so worried and sometimes she doesn’t want to drink her milk or eat her foods. And she is still crying and hard to sleep.

As a pregnant mom for my first baby now, I suddenly felt pity for your niece.

We know that there are unexpected things and no one wants that to happen to her.
But, she's now suffering from pain and it's normal to lose her appetite.
Please be patient with her and take care of her.
I'm hoping that she'll be fine soon.

She needs medical attention.

I agree with @teardrops..
Please bring him to a doctor for check up and better medications.
It will not easily be cured by applying burn ointment..
She needs to have and take some medicines for the pain and also to heal the burn quickly.

Oh my goosh..kawawa naman si baby. :( huhuhu :(

Yes po,sobrang kawawa. Nilalagnat nga cysa ngayon.

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