Can TEARDROPS Really Reward 'Proof Of Tears'?

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Before reading on, kindly pay attention to the following ulog-quotes by @surpassinggoogle:

  • "Many answers lie in 'attempting the first-simplest-obviousest solutions first. Many times however, we jump onto 'attempting the nth-complexest solutions first."
  • "Adding some English into the Mathematics and even complex equations are suddenly non-equations."

Now, let's create 'beautiful disruption' and say these words together; "I know how many tears i have teared; i know how many tears humanity has teared but just what if we can fix these tears with 'the tears'; some teardrops".

In general, 'tears is connected to sadness' but what if we adjusted that narrative and began to 'equate tears to breakthrough'; what if 'tears' was the by-product of 'mining the human' towards its awesomest version; what if tears was simply what it is, 'an emblem of human'? Then, tears can equally become something to celebrate.

Establishing this, we have established that 'each tear has value'. Now, if each tear has value, we can reward each tear. 

**Jehovah keeps every and each of our tears in a skin bottle.**

But how do we measure 'proof the tears'? 

En-route 'mining the human' towards its awesomest version, there is bound to be many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell tears. @surpassinggoogle.

At the outset, we bore forth '#teardrops' on the steem blockchain, a popular hashtag whereupon, we drew unadulterated feedback from 'the steem community' as we began to evolve the model for 'proof of tears'

Before then, we had played out a tag called '#untalented' and more recently, a tag called '#ulog', each of which incites humans to 'mine their human'; and in the midst of all these lowly-looking endeavors, we found arts like this:

Besides all 'the lights & shine' seen above, historical history began, when a 'still imaginary teardrops token' started 'hitting the exchanges' as humans began to love it and pass it to one another via comments (interaction):

Then, someone drew out the entire dream without even knowing it:

It became all-the-more established...; the world has simply needed 'balance'. Lights need to get right 'inside tunnels' too, so that no longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel'; and where there is suffering, 'suffering must now have essence'. 

It was the human's 'shine' that was missing all along, pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances; but also, due to the narratives and curriculum(s) renown by world standard, that are modeled to favor 'mining' things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc. Where we begin to write curriculum(s) focused on 'mining human virtues' in conjunction with the existing curriculum(s), 'a balance' is struck! 

Attempting to cater to a niche uncatered to by the world itself, we went on to creating an entire ecosystem called the 'Teardrops SMT', one that'll dynamically emanate down-to-earth innovation(s), each modeled to play out a curriculum that incites humans to 'mine their human'. 

As a result, these three social network platforms where born:  

  • - to instill a culture of ulogging (mining the human daily) into the world. 
  • - to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders (SteemGiggers), where "everyone has something to offer".
  • Macrohard - to make 'everyone' capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a programming protocol in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.

We then sought after a digital-currency that should succeed, whether 'bulls or bears' (because 'humans' are involved); a coin that can appeal to the soft-spot of every human and we found 'TEARDROPS'.

Via the three social platforms aforementioned, we can celebrate resulting 'breakthrough in human' with an 'emblem of human' & 'breakthrough' token called, 'TEARDROPS'.

TEARDROPS makes use of a 'proof of tears' model, which is an enhancement to the 'proof of brain' model offered by the steem blockchain protocol. This means that besides things like 'proof of brain', TEARDROPS will also seek to reward things like forgiveness, mentality, self-sacrifice, un(dis)talents, ulogging, legit-illiteracy etc. It will also look to reward 'past deeds'. 

If we remove all barriers to entry from everything good, so that everything good becomes for every(any)one; 'we surpass google'; and the 'Teardrops SMT ecosystem' is taking this testimonial harder route, erupting 'beautiful disruption'.

Speaking of tears, did you know that there are also many other 'breeds of tears, besides happy, sad or un-fell? Once these particular tears are unveiled, we will seek to reward those too.


For blockchain tech itself to attain the ranks of 'great' and not fade like techs before it, we must 'remove all barriers to entry'. While the geeks take the route of complex outer-space innovation, there must be another taking the simplest circumvented 'down-to-earth' route. This is essential for 'balance' sake. 

While we can replay all 'existing innovation' all over again on blockchain technology in a bid to distribute rewards, another must take the route of creating 'fresh down-to-earth innovations', to reveal to the world that, "perhaps, not a soul was capable of being poor all along".  Yet, another must play blockchain technology out as a 'mentality adjuster';  as a tool to 'mine the human into its awesomest version', so that blockchain itself can begin to finds its own shine, tapping into ranks of  'great'. This must occur if we are to apply blockchain technology to use in breaking the bonds of 'imbalance' that the world hasn't cured.  

The issues with the world has never been poverty. "No full-blown human created in Jehovah's image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty". This means that the solution isn't necessarily 'reward distribution'. Many times, it is the shine of the human that is lost; never tapped or simply 'lost'. TEARDROPS seeks to restore that 'shine', abating the rarity in the 'great men' industry.


@surpassinggoogle, You've expressed Teardrops Ecosystem so effectively and with full of emotions.

Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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