**"PROOF OF TEARS" a cover photo proposal by @surpassinggogogle**

in teardrops •  last year

good day steemians!!! I recently peruse blogs about the tear drops token from @surpassinggoogle.so I consider that I might also have my proposal.this is my entry



Lots of effort is necessary to achieve my art work. I dedicated my time focusing and thinking how would I perform such work.after a few hours, I came up with this work.
I'm very happy because I didn't imagine that I could actually do this. I've unleashed my artistic talent.


thanks to @surpassinggoogle for this opportunity to share an art work to this community.
don't hesitate to leave your comment for suggestions and reactions and also you can follow me @staybang


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Beautiful logo ... #teardrops ... :)


thank you@hassanabid

Very ideal work,very amazing. Keep steeming


thanks vins .I appreciate your complement