My First Earning on Steemit .

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On one glorious Sunday , my friend @dray91eu said " did you know you can earn through what you write " ? I took him for a joke and said that is not possible , how can one earn with just writing ? He then told me to calm down , he introduced me to a great community on steemit called euronation where I was taught in how to make my introduction and everything about steemit , to God and Man I still dont believe this , then I thought to myself that am going to give this a try , I wrote my introduction as have been taught which was 60days ago , after few days the earning was $13 and on 7th day of the post it was $17 , then drey91eu told me I can now claim my reward , I still dont believe this until I claimed it and it amounts to 8sbd which i changed to my country currency omg! It was real ?



Guess what I did first ? I paid my bills and offset some debts , it was an unforgettable day ,I was over joyous , I never knew it can happen , because the havoc ponzi scheme have caused in the past made me an unbeliever but now I dont need to be told , Steemit has also really made me improve in my writing skills , am so glad , All thanks to the brain behind steemit , thanks to my friend @dray91eu , thanks to @euronation courtesy of @eurogee , thanks to the man who never stop supporting the minnows , I call him father of minnows in person of @surpassingoogle the brain behind @teardrops and @steemgigs (if you are yet to visit these two community ,then you are missing out) , you are indeed a leader Sir .To you all , how did you felt on your first steemit earning?


Nice one bro.. Meself wish to earn ooo... Lolzz

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