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Pendant Ungu Mila

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"Hey Mila! Quickly clean this house! "Mama screamed.
"I .. yes ma" said Mila.
"Mila! When you're done, wash Papa's car! "
"Yes pa" Mila replied.

When Mila had cleaned the house and washed the car, Mila was hungry. He went to the kitchen to eat. Suddenly, "Mila! What do you want? Want to eat? Delicious aja! Already there go to the room! You go into your room and mama will lock your room! "Mom snapped. Mila was locked in the room.

"My God what's wrong with my parents?"

Suddenly "tok tok tok" There are guests who come. Mama also told Mila to get out. And it turns out his guest is a handsome man. He invites Mila to go for a walk. Mama also allow it but only until night.

The man's name is Milo. He knows that his mom's mom is only a foster parent and Milo is his sister. Milo also told Mila to take purple pendant under the sofa home. And Mila obeyed. He also took it in his home in silence and gave it to Milo.
Milo said that Mila was appointed as a child of the Skies land state. Actually, Mila is the son of Magic Land country.

Suddenly mama and papa came. They dress like magicians. They want to take Mila's locket. Milo ran with his super running power to take Mila back to the Magic land and the troops from the Magic land came suddenly and attacked Mom and Dad.

Finally, Mila meets her biological family (mama, papa, sister) and they live happily.

Short story Essay: Gladys Hendri
Sorry if my short story is not good. Because this is the first short story I made.


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