Teardrops Of Happiness From Mother's Eyes Seeing Her Baby Overcome The Sickness...

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The video from Youtube is mine

As a mother, her children is her happiness and life... Our child is the reason for living. If our child cries and in pain, we can feel their pain...

Photo is mine

Our heart is broken and bleeding seeing them suffer from pain and sickness. The smile on their face and the sound of their laughters bring joy to our heart.

Photo is mine

These past few weeks were really full of heartache for me because almost one month we back and forth to the hospital because of my little baby's sickness.

Please see link in my previous posts on #teardops about my baby's sickness



Now, I am very happy and full of joy seeing my little girl getting well and full of laughters.

Photo is mine

We are praying and hoping that she will continue to get well and be healthy.

Thank you so much for your time reading my teardrops of joy!

Video on Youtube and Photos are all mine

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great, happiness everywhere 👍

#sitiaishah #aricheta #hitlerinski

As a parents to our children,If only we could take away their pain instead of them suffering. You are very supportive mother. I hope she get well soon.she's a cute baby anyway


Thank you so mch...

Your baby is so cute sis😍

Lovely cute Siti! Sana tuloy-tuloy na panggaling niya!


Thank you po sir!

It is really a mother's teardrops seeing her child struggling from illness..

wow..it's really nice to see your cute little babies laughing and smiling at you. good to hear your babies are okay now..

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Aww . . . what a wonderful picture.

H. G.


Thank you so much sir @henry-gant. Really appreciates...


Good to hear na pagaling na si baby.😊

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Ang cutee

Pretty babies! Always hope for the best sis @sitiaishah as they say, "Inshallah"


As we say InsyAllah...

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