A Mother's Teardrops Of Joy Seeing Her Child Healed...

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Photo is mine

In my previous post in #Teardrops was "Pain In A Mother's Teardrops Seeing Her Child In Pain" is about my baby girl sickness, please see the link to see my previous post https://steemit.com/teardrops/@sitiaishah/pain-in-a-mother-s-teardrops-seeing-her-child-in-pain.

Now, I would like to share how happy and thankful I am that my baby already healed from her sickness.

After one week of oral medication, I brought her back to the hospital for follow up consultation and blood test to check if her White Blood Cells and other blood test results are back to normal.

Photo is mine

Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Platelet Test was done, I am pity to see my baby crying as the nurse collecting blood samples by inserting a needle into her vein again.


While waiting for the result to be released, I keep praying for the good result otherwise she will be admitted to hospital if still doesn't cure.

After an hour, the result was released. I submit the result to her Pediatrician and he was glad to inform me that my baby is already cured and blood test result are all normal.

Photo is mine

I am so happy and thankful that my baby is already in good health. Thanks to God for healing my baby Siti Maisha Maisarah and bring back smile on her face!

Photo is mine

*Photo credit: Pixabay and other are mine.^

I would like to thank @iwrite for mentoring me and for his patience.
I am very blessed and thankful to have him as my mentor.

Thanks and more power to Steemit Diversify Team!


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very cute pics 😍


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Cute baby 😍



Ma sha ALLAH @sitiaishah your baby is too much cute.. i love her smile ..

#momina @momina

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes sis thank you, u saw her hijab? I tried only to her...



yes @sitiaishah sis, she looks more beautiful in hijab with lovely smile.. sis your try is awesome. i appreciate it. i wish you also try hijab own your self. I'm now you are pretty but i'm sure you'll also look more pretty and beautiful in hijab.. ^_^


Thanks sis...

smile...smile...smile... wow cuty baby



It is a joy to know that your beautiful baby is well


Thank you so much

MashAllah. Cute baby



Adorable baby 😊


Tks po

such a cutie patootie sis @sitiaishah! Get well soon baby siti! *hugs


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