Dedicated Poetry and Drawing to @surpassinggoogle

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(This is mine)

I've drawn this for showing my gratitude to @surpassinggoogle, @teardrops, and @steemgigs. I don't know what can I offer. So instead os sitting in the corner, I decided to get my pencil and sketch pad, then I started to draw. I made a poetry for him telling that I'm so thankful.

This poetry is dedicated to @surpassinggoogle.

You may not know how you mean to me brother Terry,
You may not know the worth of you I see.

I'm so blessed we had a person like you
Who supports me in everything I do.

Your generosity is overwhelming
You make me feel like a princess in dreaming.

Thank you for the efforts, you're so kind
You had the purest intension in your mind.

You're giving us a good opportunity
To showcase our ability.

Because you keep on believing
Our hidden talents our showing.

You are always ready to lend a hand
That is willing to help for human.

You had that big pure heart
That paint my journey on Steemit like a beautiful art.

You made our tears valuable
You help us to make our dream possible.

You mean a lot of me, yes you do
Thank you for I had met a person like you.

Thank you for dropping by.

@surpassinggoogle is a very kind person and please support him as a witness by voting him at and type in"steemgigs" at the first search box.

Kindly visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

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Nice drawing you have here. Lets keep on steeming.


Thank you po ate @juwel.

  ·  last year (edited)

Lovely poem! @supassinggoogle does it great in motivating us! Let us steem on!


Thank you so much ate, I keep on steeming because I was motivated by you, our friends and also @surpassinggoogle.


I guess that is what makes Steemit special.


Opo ate

ang galing naman ni shula, siguradong magugustuhan at maaappreciate ni @surpassinggoogle to. gawa ka nga din ng poem para kay .... hehehhe


Sana nga po ate😍😍, hoping na makita nya.

Para kay?


Para kay James Reid:-)




Sasagot din daw sya sa poem ni James Reid..hehe

Very nice post and drawing 😃 @surpassinggoogle will really appreciate this once he read this article. Keep on steeming 😃


Tank you for the encouraging words. Keep on steeming.😊

You're so talented in your drawing. I really admire you. @surpassinggoogle has always been supportive to us steemians. Let us all keep on steeming to show our support in return.


Hehe, hindi po mommy.😁
Yeah true @surpassinggoogle is vwry supportive to us. Thanks to him

Nice poem @shula14 and the drawing too.
@surpassinggoogle is really and amazing person.
He is helping without asking for anything in return.


Thank you po ate.
So real, he is helping without asking any return. He has a pure heart.

Galing talaga ni baby shula namin :)

Wonderfully done, I so much love the poetry