A Tear Has Now Value- 'You Bring Us Happiness'

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P_20180228_102247.jpgBaby is a reward from God!
"I'm pregnant!" One of the good news that I heard from my sister.

We're so happy! But after 2 months, all of a sudden our happiness fall apart because of the news we heard, the ob-gyne doctor of my sister told her that, they couldn't find the baby anymore, telling that "sorry ma'am you're baby was gone."
My sister called me by phone she's crying and telling, I went to the hospital to have a check up because I experience spotting and the Doctor said the foetus was miscarriage.

Teardrops came out to my eyes rolling my cheeks, it's not easy to accept, I couldn't focus of what am I doing.

Our family decided to visit my sister.
She's very happy to see us, we have conversations and she's always laughing. We told her to have second opinion in other hospital. After that day, my sister went to another hospital! And we're surprised when she told us, 'The baby is still alive'.

At that time, I'm blaming the doctor of my sister because she didn't do her responsibility well, she asked my sister to take antibiotics before she undergoes the process of cleaning her uterus called 'raspa'. My sister has already taken 1 antibiotic, of course I'm worried of my niece health.
But I controlled my temper, I keep calm and pray to God that hoping my niece will be healthy and hoping that there's no harm effect of the antibiotic taken by my sister.

Moving On

I couldn't sleep well last last night. Mixed emotions I felt, I'm happy, excited, worried, and nervous. We we're thrilled with the arrival of the baby. We keep on praying while the delivery is on going. Prayer works!

Welcome Baby Azaliah!

I'm so proud to have you. My first niece! Her name is Azaliah Mhar, she was born on February 28, she has red lips, rosy cheeks, squinty eyes, with a short curly eye lashes, and sha has dimples. Her smile makes us completely energized! The time, effort, patience and many more are worth it, because we can see the result. Wonderful gift we have!

She's so hilarious! She's always hungry and sleepy. For me she is very cute. I want to hug her and kiss her always. Everytime I'm carrying her, the baby becomes a good choreographer because she teaches me how to dance, not only that, she's like my mentor in singing, she always quiet when I'm singing song, so I need to keep in doing it. But I wish to be a good singer soon!
We're still at the hospital now, but hoping that we're going home by tomorrow. For sure my father is excited to see his first grandchild.

Truly a treasure given by Jehovah God!
I love you baby Azaliah.

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Welcome to the world baby Azaliah! We are glad that she's safe. Congrats to your sister @shula14. Praying for baby Azaliah to grow healthy and intelligent.


Thank you for the prayer @wondersofnature. Your comment reflects your good personality. 😊

What a cute baby 😍
Hope she grow well and healthy, with fear in god and intelligence


100% hopefully praying for that, thank you for the kind words, love to read your comment. It's really nice.


Thanks that you appreciated my comment
For now that we cannot still teach the child, hoping for her to have a good health is the best 😉


Thank you, we're hoping for her good health also, we will take care of her.


Really babies are gift from Jehovah. So cute, can't wait to see her personally. My pinagdaan pala si baby nung 2 months siya. Buti nlng nag 2nd opinion kau.


Opo ate, blessing talaga ni Jehova, parang si Liam nyo😊.

Opo sabi kasi ng doctor nalaglag na sya, hindi pala.. So thankful kasi wala epekto yung nainom ni ate na antibiotic.

Your nephew is a tenderness. Congratulations for this beautiful gift of life.
Azaliah It will be our next cover image.


Thank you so much! Your comment added to my happiness.


Wow looking forward to that. So cute baby.


This is really a great news that our niece will be the next cover image..
Thanks to Jah...

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She is so adorable! Can't wait to see her in person :)hugs and kisses


Dalhin ko po sya sa Kingdom Hall pag nabuwanan na sya.

Hala sinong doctor yun? buti na lang nagsecond opinion. Kagandang baby o, cute baby Azaliah. @teardrops of pain were undoubtedly replaced with @teardrops of happiness.


Parang yung anak nyo ate, ang cute cute.

Super ganda Ng article mo pra say kanya..
Ung sakin hehe.. wala Lang.. haha.. medyo pagod kahapon dito bahay.
Peo as in super ganda talaga nya.. lahat kme dito bahay naglilinis hehe.


Maganda po yung article nyo, pagod din kahapon, gumawa lang ako kasi hindi ako makatulog, tas inspired kay baby,

Salamat tita sa effort, -from baby.

@shula14 wonderful story in there.are you a script writer? Sorry for the lost and am also happy for you that this one stays and did not give up as well.congrate

Wow what a beautiful gift from Jehovah God! Congratulations for being an aunt finally Shula! Being an aunt is exciting too. Actually you become like a second mother to your nieces and nephew! So enjoy that privilidge! 😊


Opo ate, tita na ko. Salamat po excited na din po ako.

It's nice to welcome baby Azaliah.
That is very happy with his parents and the whole family.
Blessings from another aunt of Steemit.


So sweet words. Thank you so much.