Sometimes Necessity Can Ruin Creativity

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Is there anyone who have no need of money? The person who have sufficient money to survive and live he also need more money to live a better life. We have no bound of need and we need money to live. This is the truth, for some this is bitter truth. This post is about something I was thinking and now writing. I was thinking about the regular meme post as those takes a few minutes to complete and often flop with a few number of upvote. It may sounds mean that my posts depend on upvotes, to be honest yes, it depends. More upvotes and response encourage a writer to write, an artist to art, a designer to design. So, I have necessity of response and without positive review and feedback its natural that creativity inside me left will ruin completely.
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Our heart cry but nobody can see it as its a matter of realize and feel. Is there anyone who writes 1000 words quality informative post but get 0-10 upvotes so far and never felt down ? If there is many or few like this then I salute you guys. I'm very cheap and I need money, this is my honest statement might nobody like but i'm real, I can't pretend something i'm not. If I need then yes I need but at the same time its true that I don't express my need to anyone and often I hide and compromise.

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I have a tiny heart and it hurts for minor issues. Often feel teardrops in my eyes and try to hold them but become helpless to hold them and let it drop down. I feel broken and down for very simple thing and at the same time i get pleased with very simple or small thing. I don't expect big but hope for those things I deserve. Most of the time I get too, but when I don't get I feel blank, even whatever I know I forget for the emptiness. Lost creativity. Exception obviously exist, as many people may become for creative for their necessity but for me it opposite! Sorry to say, this is me and I believe in being myself.
Thanks so much for reading with patience !

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you are not alone in this feeling

thanks dear for understanding my feeling!

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you are really amazing writer 😊😊

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