#teardrops token, rewarding proof of tears by @surpassinggoogle - Tears and sacrifices every parent is willing to take and succeed

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Every parent's love especially that of a mother is always pure and unconditional. A love that is undying and expects nothing. A love that is always willing to sacrifice, no matter how difficult and painful it can be.

This was what I felt when I had to sacrifice and make a painful decision of leaving my then 7 month old baby with my parents to work far from home. When all I can do is close my eyes as @tears started to drop and my heart crumpled like a paper.

I am single mom and so I had to leave with the only hope that everything will fall into place for us in the future.


Every moment spent away is a lost time I had for my son and family. Something that really brings @tears to my eyes up to this day as I knew I could never turn back time. A kind of sacrifice that hits through every bones in my body but not everyone may even try understand. All I know is I did it for my son.

That very moment I left, I knew I'll miss seeing him growing up each day and it's like picking up a stone and knocking it hard on your own head until it bleeds. It was never easy and never will be for a mother like me, but I needed to do what I had to do to support and give him the life he deserves.


Now, he's a grown little fine 10 year old man who understood and continues to understand as I strive harder to reach the goals and the life I dreamed for him.


Today, being a property executive and an entrepreneur are all because of him and I thanked the Lord for surrounding me with these beautiful people to achieve those dreams.


Now, I am with #steemit and I look forward for a greater tomorrow with the team and the whole community.

I am just really happy how things turned out and how my relationship with my son have become over those years of struggles and pain.

Benj is a very sweet son who always reminds me how much he loves me and wants to be with me every step of the way. He is indeed my greatest token to every @teardrops I had in the past!


Thanks for reading #mystory #steemians! And to @surpassinggoogle for always giving us the chance to showcase our #teardrop stories through this. You truly are an inspiration.


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Wow! Almost speechless here.. I was teary-eyed reading the post and its sub-contents. It's just truly amazing and inspirational. I know I'll keep going and write more @teardrops stories of life, happy or sad. I hope I can mirror the awesomeness or be the lady version of @surpassinggoogle. I love his love for humanity! Thanks @teardrops. :)

what a teardrops story...


Thank you @ladujah.. :) It was and always will be a turning point of my life. :)