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A mother's teardrops...

Every mother's dream is for her child to be a good person.
To be what he really wanted to be , when he grows up.

Right now my son, I'm doing my best, preparing you to be respectful to others, to be kind with others.

Our child, we promise to be by your side as you grow up, we will protect you and help you reach your dreams.

I pray that you will always remember all the good things/ manners we have thought you.

We love you!





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I always have goosebumps when hearing about a mother's cry... mother's cry should only for happiness as with all her sacrifices for her chikdren and family. You made a good output @shielashraf


Thank you very much, well all mother's wants the best for thier children. 🙂

nice blog po...:)

interesting topic...cheers...:)