A Mother's Whisper to his son

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

Oh my son You are growing so fast,
more than I imagine.
I pray that you would listen to mama
All what Im saying is good for you!

I am teaching you and preparing you to be a good man.
Later you will know,
what those words do to a man.

Please young man...
Listen to mama...
It breaks my heart to see you crying,
but If this is also a way to teach you to be good.
I will do it.

I love you son,
My dream for you is very big.
My dream for you is bright as the sun.
But my greatest dream for you is to be a good and respectful man.

My son,
Mama is happy everytime you say I love you,
Mama is happy everytime you listen and follows me.

You are our happiness
You are only what we have
You are our greatest treasure.

I promise that I will teach you and prepare you
To the outside world,
As much as I can.
I may not be the best mother, but I will
always love you until my last breath.

I love you son!


Image credit to pixabay

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Such an amazing poem <3


Thank you bro 🙂

your poem is like i was hearing the voice of my mother.... wonderful indeed!


Salamat bro, keep steeming 🙂

Awwhh... so sweettt... 😍😍 very nice poem sis... it touches the readers' heart 💕