Goodbye: Till We See Each Other Again LOVE

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Its Monday morning,I went out to buy our breakfast and then I saw couples with their baby. They were so happy while buying meat. I can see how they look at each other,it was full of love. I smiled while looking at them,and I thought we were also like that before,you and I. We go to the market together,buy stuff's together. And I just can't do anything before without you beside me,I just miss you so much. What happened to us? I just don't know. I can see you everywhere in this house. In the kitchen cooking my favorite food,in the toilet washing our clothes. In our room quitely lying down and watching me working.

Today as I face the new chapter of my life I am finally letting you go,with hopes that you will be happy in your new venture without me. I thought I had found my forever with you,finally I can be with someone that will love me and my children for the rest of our lives. It turns out even the hardest rock can also break by the water as time goes by. I was not able to formally say goodbye to you when you left,I let you leave because that will be the right thing to do. You ask your way out and I gave it to you without saying no. Deep inside I ask myself what am I to do now. But I have to be strong,I've been here and I know I can be broken hearted so many times because I know I can bare it.

My kids are asking for you,I just said you went out to work. Someday I can tell them what really happened to us. I know they won't hate you because I'll make sure they will understand your reason's. Our dreams of having 1 more child is gone,the house and the plan of going home to settle down in our little town is also gone. If someday I will see you again in our town with your new family,don't worry I will smile back and you won't see bitterness in me. Goodbye's really sting like bee,but everything will be better in time. I wish you happiness and a family of your own,your dream of having baby I know you will have it soon.

I'm letting you go now,my love. It hurts like hell,but at least for the last time I was not selfish. This time I had finally given you what you wanted. Goodbye and I hope someday if we see each other we can still be friends. Yesterday I cut my hair,they say its a sign of moving on but I say once you accepted what happened that is when you are moving on. Everything has a reason,whatever yours is I totally respect that. Till we see each other again.

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beautiful goodbye, moving on can be really hard. You’re powerful and ahould be glowing with pride as you’ve achieved a much better understanding of love and humility. Be patient and kind youll find the person you deserve. Hold out for someone compatible as a friend and a partner. Take time for yourself and your children and use moving on as a way to embrace the many beautiful an innovative things going on in the world around us. Steem on beautiful. Much love.


Maybe someday the right one will come,someday. Thank you so much.

Oh so sad, this is really a teardrops to a family, I hope you can overcome all the pain, just be strong @sheenaabelgas all is well in time!



Thank you so much @mich


Youbare very much welcome..


At the indicated time, the right person will arrive for you.

Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) has added a tear of joy.

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That's right. Thank you so much!

Ahw :( I thought road to forever na te . Well maybe you deserve someone better te :)


amu agw ga. hehe basin awon pa lain amu?