MY Drawing of TEARDROP!

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Hello Dear steemians!

I am sharing with yOu my drawing of teardrops for Sir @surpassinggoogle . Hope yOu'll like it and appreciate my untalent. "The proOf of Tears". I lOve the way he is working to empOwer the steemit community by goOd deeds.



TEARDROPS is an imaginary Smart Media Token (SMT) that gives rewards to those people who shared their testimonies about their life struggle and have cried because of joy, sadness, loneliness, grief and tears. It is one of the project of one of the running witnesses @surpassinggoogle or Sir Terry/SG.

Thank yOu so much Sir @surpassinggoogle for giving me a chance to show the untalent to the wOrld :)

DQmc2H3Lgvc1aWLMBBeokhh3AkjrLpjDqsB49SqVYB7nXAy_1680x8400.png I've drawn the face of cute girl.

Materials used:
Drawing Pencils: 3H, 2B, 3b, 4B.

I'm very glad to be part of this project by the great Sir Witness @surpassinggoogle. I hope yOu will like mine art :)

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great creativity!!!!



lovely drawings - and like the idea behind a token being incorporated into an art piece. its almost like art meets logo :)


thankyOu :)

Very nice...such a great talent. I am sure Terry Boy @surpassingggogle will like it soo much...Keep on steeming and sharing your work of arts...


thankyOu for your appreciate my work :)

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I like your post and good job .. ^^ great talent @surpassinggoogle

Again your drawings are wonderful. Keep drawing @ sanach!


thankyOu....!! :)

Nice skills..

Great job, keep up the good work. This community really needs talented people like you, Have a nice weekend!

  ·  last year (edited)

Shukria! @salman :)

@surpassinggoogle You are doing a very good job. I love your style in helping others. If you can visit my account

That's a very great drawing.. You are talented

Very good post.


nice work and i appreciate your should more work to show your potential..

Such a great talent and for teardrops interpretation is really cool... keep on sharing your work of art @sanach

Can't believe you draw that, so neat and fine. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for creating #teardrops

pretty drawing dear, thanks for share with us.

See you later XD

this art is proved you are talent.
go ahead bro.

the art is incredible. painting eyes that almost met with the steemit logo. success for you guys. I really like your artwork

Its really great ... post ... I really like this ...

Great drawings, sanach! The project needs more exposure. Yours faithfully, Sveto.



Real creativity in action.... Nice one dear

  ·  last year (edited)

Amazing there's so many artist here on steemit 😃 keep up the good work steemian. Im gonna share to you my drawing too20180221_203656.jpg

superb drawing!

wow that level of photography is really amazing. it is just wow. thanks for sharing :) you nailed it.

wow......@sanach your pencil sktch drawing is so.......... amazing. your drawing such a very nice i just like it. and thanks for share

very beautiful artwork, you do have a soul of art. I love your artwork. Because the soul of art is not owned by many people. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful day ... :)


thankyOu soo much @reyana

Amazing! How I wish I could draw like this... I would have draw and put it over on steemit.

This man is creative, no doubt.


Sure! you could draw it


Lol, I'm not so good in drawing that is why.. although I love drawing

Awesome art of teardrops, its looks amazing. 💕

  ·  last year (edited)

mam you're writen about Good Content. Thanks For Share This post.

Nice talent, nice drawing..that talent is a gift from God... Good luck