A poetry for Sir Terry @surpassinggooglei

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Good evening steemians, I just want to share to you a poem that I made for Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle as a way of thanking him for all he has done, not only to me but to all of us. I cant give a large upvote by this one is my way of thanking the man who is never tired of helping people hope you will like this poem Sir Terry.

I'm just a traveler in the world of steemit
Introduce by my friends that I've met
Even not know the etiquette in steemit
Later on, I've learned even a little bit

Every day and every time I'm always steeming
And been rejected and been just seen
But one man starting in believing
On my poems, on my blog and that's inspiring

I gain confidence in my workings
Inspired by all things I am making
A poem, a story and all my steeming
I'm thankful to that man that keeps on helping

Not only me but all untalented
Even, special person that we call talented
Giving time to teardrops story and read
Even if it takes time and need to go to bed

Thank you for all your kindness
Even if we have lots of mess
But you inspire us and give us brightness
Thank you Sir Terry we are so bless

Thank you for giving time in reading steemians, please dont forget to vote for @steemgigs by Sir @ surpassinggoogle as witnesses. God bless you always :)

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