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The story begins with an ordinary young man who is considered stupid and backward who has a parent with extraordinary support so that when his parents hit the plague and almost died, they give a lecture for this young man, "If we die, then nothing else will support you, by therefore you must be independent. Be like the water droplets that are able to pierce the stone, focus on what you control and you will become a respected person. "

The young man then continued his father's business as a carpenter, and since he was a child often helping his father in assessing wood, he gained the ability to recognize and appraise wood well.

One day, an elderly man came to the young man to look for the wood that could be carved into a statue. The young man quickly provided the best wood for sculpture. Who would have thought, the parent was in fact a famous sculptor in the village, and since the wood obtained from the young man was very good, he became a subscriber who continued to buy wood from the youth.

Eventually, the young man became close to the sculptor, and he decided to learn to sculpt from the sculptor. However, as he is about to begin to learn to sculpt, the sculptor gives a discourse, "If you want to be the best sculptor, be like a water droplet that pierces the rock, focus on what you master then you can become a success."

Hearing that advice, the young man realized that the discourse of the sculptor and his parents had been the guiding of success, which, although he was a fool and backward, with focus and hard work, he eventually became a respected sculptor all over the world.

A story that can be a learning for all of us, proving that no matter how hard a rock is, a trickle of water can conquer it. This is an analogy where the world is full of life tests that are so hard, yet still be defeated by the determination and focus of the struggle.

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