Teardrops: From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy

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#Teardrops - From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy by @Rachiel


With life's twists and turns as well as ups and downs, we come to a point when we say, things happen for a reason. This is how my story goes...

When I was in my 3rd year in college, my family decided to send me to Manila to finish my studies, a move that I did not expect to happen but was something I have to accept and follow even if it has left me heartbroken.


I was then attending a bible based church in Cebu during those days which was not the same as the church I usually attended and have grown up with. That new found faith caused the ire of my parents who knew about it from a friend. They want me to be away from the church I was attending, thinking I have transferred to a new religion.


As a student, being dependent from my parents for support, I followed their decision, fearing they will stop sending me to school so after my summer classes, I left Cebu and head for Manila to continue my studies.

In Manila, I needed to make adjustments. I know I was sent there to continue my studies but at the same time I still wanted to be with the same church I had attended in Cebu and be with the Christians in Manila. I like to follow my family's wishes but I also wanted to follow my heart's desire, to be with the church which has become my spiritual family and come to be committed with. It was my first time there in Manila and I didn't know where the church is having their services.

I wanted to be able to continue my studies at the same time still be able to attend the church. After a time of searching, by God's grace, I was able to meet a church member and was able to attend the church with her. I was glad to see the same spirit in the fellowship as I had with the church back in Cebu. I feel welcomed by other church members who were my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Upon knowing that I was still with the church, my family felt that I did not follow them and was making my own decisions even if I was already being warned of the consequences if I follow my own wishes. My eldest sister called my parents who were staying in our hometown in Negros Oriental and told them about me and they decided to stop sending me to school for a year as a punishment for disobeying them. I was persecuted because of my commitment to church but with much prayers and advises from my churchmates I made a choice and held on to my faith even if it cost me to stop continuing my studies.


With what happened, I decided to look for work and with the help of my churchmate who owned a company, I was able to have a job. After a year, I went back to school and with God's grace, my parents supported me again and I was able to graduate from college. Things went well and it brought joy to me and my family.


This is one of the chapters of my life story that I will never forget. I realized that my labor in the Lord was not in vain as He will be with me as long as I'm faithful to Him. Thank you for reading.


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God's love is truthful and just, What ever it takes if you believed in him, he always bestowed you a strength that can make you stronger in times of difficulties, Godbless you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you. God bless you too

Nice story there @rachiel :) there is always a time that we will encounter a very hard decision making and make a mistake ;)

I salute you for being brave and you never lost faith in Him :)

May God always bless you :) Have a happy life :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you. God bless you too

  ·  last year (edited)

Oh Yes! With God all thongs are possible , remain blessed

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you. God bless you too

there are always a rainbow after the rain. Keep believing , yeah, because teardrops has really have a value.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you. God bless you too

Jehovah is a faithful God, He never forsakes or neglects those who worships Him in truth and in spirit. Keep up the faith and Jehovah will continue to bless you immensely.

Thank you. God bless you

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