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I have seen a lot of entries of logo proposal for @teardrops SMART MEDIA TOKEN , so I decided to submit mine too.

Well I'm not really good at drawing or anything that involves art. But I really tried my very best to create a logo proposal.

Tears has always a value for me and I do believe teardrops are really precious one. That is why I involve the diamond shape to my logo because Teardrops are diamonds for me. I also put the old and new logo of steemit.

I hope @surpassinggoogle will like this too.

Well if you have any suggestions Im open for that.
I do apologize for the quality of the picture! My phone camera is that good in capturing photos.. hehe





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I will be waiting for your token!

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Great design Louise.


thank you @maverickinvictus for appreciating 😄


Thank you very much for the log.

Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) has added a tear of joy.

A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Thank you so much @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle for including my entry to your 8th edition ! We'll always support you!