My Life's Biggest Regret Contest

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This is my entry for @jason04 "My Life's Biggest regrets".
Here is my entry

Everyone experiences regrets, it may be big or small. It is something we wish we could have done better in or did not do at all.

I have lots of regrets too. Some in my studies, in my work and in my family. I read some women regret being a single mom or having a child without a Dad and then giving them up, only to regret years later. I am a single mom and never regretted it because now I am a grandmother.

We have regrets in our family life. I do too just like others and for different reasons.

My regret was never being able to get close to my dad. I am an only girl in a family of 4 siblings yet I was never close. I blame it on our lifestyle or actually my dad's lifestyle. He was in the military, the US Navy so they hare assigned in different places every 3-4 years.

When he met my mom he was in between assignments so after a few years they got married. They met during their older siblings marriage being the best man and maid of honor. My Mom's older sister married my Dad's older brother. So after 5 years of writing letters they finally got married. Still my mom stayed behind but gave birth to my older brother 1 year after then was assigned in Hing Kong. Had my mom accompanied him I would have been born in Hing Kong lol. So the first time we saw each other when I was 4 yrs old.


Well to make a long story short even thou we were where he was stationed still we would see him only 1 week a month. When he finally retired we moved home. I was a preteen and wanted to be on my own with friends of my own. Since we went to school in the city it would olny be weekend that we were together as a family.

He died in a vehicular accident 1 day after his 50th birthday. But a few months before we were able to have a heart to heart talk and promised that we would try harder to understand each other. I guess God thought that since we forgave each other and starting on the right foot, it was time to take my Dad before we forget our promises.

I only wish I had started earlier to become closer. It is not his fault because he was used to the military life and having men to boss around. I guess he was not so comfortable around a rebellious teen-age girl.

It has been 41 years since he has gone. I still talk to him and I regret not being a "daddy's girl". But I have no regrets with how he trained and taught me the ways of life.

So for those young girls who still have your fathers, make the most of it, get close and tell them you love them. I regret not being able to tell my dad I love him everyday while he was alive so I tell him as much as I can in prayers to him. Not just fathers but mothers too. I am glad I still have my mom, she never remarried even though she was only 51 when my Dad died. Do it while you can so you won't regret it later.

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Excellent. What a outstanding post. Nothing to say it's just awesome.

thank you for dropping by


very touching, your dad was really very handsome

thank you!

Aww, having close to a dad is the sweetest thing ever. I used to be a daddy's girl.

That so sad. I have so many regrets in my life too.

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Thank you for sharing Mam, now I value my father more...

very touching 💜💜💜

sad. At least​ you get to be close to him before he died mam.

just for a few month until God took him, my mom and I was with him in the accident but He just took my Dad.

Made my eyes water.


When I was 17 our family was disturbed by Dad's transfer from Ohio to Texas.

From that point on my parents, sister and I never all lived in the same state at the same time. Missing so many events in each other's lives.

We always claimed the situation was out of our control or we had no choice.

I regret not taking control or making different choices so we could have remained close physically as we never lost touch or closeness however far the distance. Its all the little things we did not get to share together.

yes it is hard when there is distance some regrets we always have

Wow. Very touchy story.
I am so glad that you got that chance to straighten everything with your dad before he passed away, which I am sorry that you had to go through especially in those young years.
I love your message to all of us how important it is to love one another and share that love daily because we might not have another chance.

It's been 41 years but I still cry or get teary-eyed when I think of him. When things gets so difficult I cry out to him in tears asking him to guide me and make me stronger. Thank you for stopping by.

sad:( Im the only daughter too but Ive never been close to my father:(

yes only daughter too but he was a military man used to having men under his beck and call. He had no problems with my 3 brothers

nice post mam...people have lots of regrets. but we should make them our motivation to keep on going and do better in life..

You are blessed that God made a way for you to bridge that gap before the inevitable happened. I know some people who cannot find it to forgive their loved ones even after their dad or mom died. It is sad that they still have that hate.

Sad story sis but your lucky to spend even a little time with your day before he passed away.

I have many things that I regrets in my life too.... haaisst dnt know where to start...

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Ugh, sad😑 good read hun. Found this via the Ramble.

As they say, value the things close to you before they're gone. Regrets are always on the end.

nakakatouch po...