Bone marrow transplant???

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(Not my present picture)
After how many days of resting here inside the hospital now I can use my phone again.
Im in pain for almost 3 days, I can't move my body and the doctor injected me a pain reliever but it's not working, (she injected me twice). I'm scared about the doctor's advice that I need to undergo bone marrow transplant. But I know that is not sure enough to survive. But that is not final, next week is my third chemo but if ever the result is still the same that's the time that I need to undergo bone marrow transplant.
For me, I don't want to continue the procedure if ever the result is still the same. We need a lot of money and as what I've heard to their conversation, we need 2million pesos for that.
Sad to say, it's very hard to get that kind of money for only 2 weeks or let than that. There are a lot of donors but still not enough for my chemo, how about if I need to undergo for another one? I dont know how to help them because I don't have any idea of everything about earning money...
What should I do now? 😭

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Hello @philippinessteem, money is necessary but let others deal with this now.
Try to replace worries with pleasant thoughts, travel to your bone marrow, to your cell and have a loving talk with her. Positive thoughts generate chemical substances that contribute to strengthen the immune system, a strengthened immune system can deal with this cancer more efficiently.

If you want to raise some funds here in steemit, I think you will get more visibility and support if you document all your process, like exams, medications, medical consultations, procedures, etc.


This is good advice, in both paragraphs. Thank you, @samic, for wisdom that can help my friend.

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Body, hear my thoughts
Thinker, stop to dance
Bones, buzz to the beat
Eyes, which color heals?
Mind, move that color
Light, flow into body
Color, glow in marrow
Secret, heal my true cells
Pain, kill enemy cells
Love, soothe and lift me
Rest, pleasure wake me
Music, dance again

Praying for you and your family. Don't beat yourself down. Don't lose that positivity in you.