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I will be focusing the following as this content is concerned.

  • People at work
  • Leadership trait
  • Style of leading

To start with, consider this;
Directing as function of leadership has been seen in different perspective by series of authors, some refers to it as motivating, while some as leading, and as well as actualizing and others.

I term DIRECTING as the process or means by which men are been influenced so as to impact to the set up goal by an organization.

It's quite obvious that organization goal may be differ somewhat in various organizations, the workers involves in such firm may also have needs and goals as important and genuine to them. In a firm where such is happening, the said management will by all means work out in every means to influence on the workers in the organization so that both the workers and the organization goals will be met. It is therefore through leading that managers help people see that they can satisfy their own needs and as well utilize there said potential, and also contribute their quota to the objectives of the firm. In this case, mangers should have the understanding of the assumed roles by people and as well their individuality.

Forming a unit an organization requires people uniting together as group so as to do a task mor effectively, it's very possible for a person to be get involved in more than a group. Been part of a group can positively have a mark effect on the said group members. Group members are pressurised to adapt to certain patterns of attitude held by group refers to as norms.
In leading a particular group, there are various ways of reacting to groups members, such ways will be tale note in here;

  • Uninterested --- Try to find something to he is interested in
  • Positive --- Make frequent use of them
  • Quarrelsome --- Don't get involved, but stop him monopolizing proceedings.
  • Uncooporative --- Play on his ambitions, recognize and use his knowledge and experience.

we can realise that person's are complex, no doubt.they shared many characteristics with others. These similarities provide the basis of predictive knowledge about the behavior of people inside the said organization or outside others organization. These set of Pepe are intelligent, self-reliance, tool making, and time binding.

Detecting a good leader was on the trait of loyalty, trustworthiness and compassion. Anyone that have the afformentoon traits will surely possess a good and successful leader.
Others trait include intelligence, social maturity and human relation attitude.
Due to the fact that there are some effective leadership who lack some of the traits above because different in most situations faces by a leader have significant effect on what traits are or are not effective.


Every manager have different styles of leading there members of the organization, the leadership style is refers to as a way or means a leader way of behaving towards group members.
*The autocratic leadership always use commands, and expect compliance, who is dogmatic and positive, and who leads by the ability to withhold or give rewards and punishment as well. He did not give chance for suggestions or the usage of initiative. He always like to dictates and the subordinate must comply or either receive punishment whenever they disobey.
*Democratic leadership also know as participative leader. This leader whose always consult his subordinates on purpose actions and the decision and also give rooms to participation from them. He like to use human
relations approach in which members are seen as important contributors to the final decision.

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Amazing and educating post. Leaders should take the time out to understand their followers, this will ease the working relationship