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My special gratitude goes to @surpassinggoogle for given us a platform to share our teardrops stories! Thank you.
I wouldn't have embarked on this unending journey to life if I had known earlier that life isn't a bed of roses as expected. I had gotten here before I realized that and too late to terminate such journey. My family has experienced sorrowful moments than joyful ones in life and the thought of it all left me with nothing but teardrops. image italicHappiness is a state of mind as we all know but reverse was the case for my family(we've always wisheed to possess all types of luxury things and be happy) but that never surfaced. I've been through a lot from childhood till date, for I was so unlucky to have found myself in a polygamous family where there's much hatred, competition and suffering. My family was housed by abject poverty that we barely afford 3square meals each day. We eat what we see not what we wanted Education for us was nothing to write home but my old parents struggled to see us through primary and secondary education(tertiary education was never in our thoughts). We're living like that for years and never let go of God's, we were determined and hoped for a fulfilling future(I pray it comes soon). After my secondary education, I managed to get a teaching job and got the family's hope restored with the little I made as salary. I was also saving ahead for my tertiary education before this life threatening occurrences image.

My dreams of becoming successful to cater for my family became shattered after enrolling for my tertiary education.(sigh), "My old dad got seriously ill". It's was during these trying times that I lost my job because I couldnt focus and never wanted my old man dead, I just want to see him happy and successful. How will he die without reaping the fruit he had planted? However, the little I had saved for my tertiary education was diverted for his hospital bills and when his recovery wasn't promt, my old mum developed a high bloood pressure! That was when I knew life wasn't worth living for me. My whole world and dreams got sabotaged by life and I regret ever existing! Many times I question God for taking my family through such tribulations which I ended up weeping and sometimes thought of committing suicide sets in.
We have been through thick and thins as a family; we had constant days of staying with no food, periods of hopelessness, moments when we where flogged and bullied at school for non payment of school fees promptly.

Basically, sad moments became part of the family. With the present state/conditions of my family, I left home in search of greener pastures so as to return someday and put a long lasting smiles on my parents and siblings faces. Here, things are so hard too and many days had passed with tears on my face and sorrows in my heart. I hope, believe and see the success coming since I've been introduced to steemit and prays regularly to God to protect and never let my parents die untimely! I know one day I'll complete my education, become successful and take my parents abroad for proper medical treatment and they'd be happy again!
I still try my best to help my family with the little am earning and would do more when I become successful. Thanks to @emmakkayluv for introducing and inviting me to @steemit platform where I got my hope restored. 👏 image
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you're making steemit a great community with your content oduwole! keep it up!


Thanks so much @five34a4b, I appreciate your response and relationship so far, 👊I've been able to do so with the help of good people like you who I met here. Thanks.

Nice post
Hey Dear already i follow you i hope you also follow me.
Thank you


Ok, I'll surely do that. Thanks man!

This is so touching, will resteem it .


Thanks, I appreciate you.

Thank you very much for sharing your life story.
Keep strength and hope ..

Postscript: Quote the source of the images.


Thanks a lot and I do appreciate your comments and the opportunity to share my story, I'll keep my strength and hope alive till the end! I missed quoting the images source due to my emotions. What a great oversight! Thanks and remain blessed.

Woah.... Now this one's hard. But you're stronger, and your hopes are not misplaced. Your life will all come back together to your amazement. I strongly believe you will tell this story again, but then, it will be testimonially, and you would have attained your desired dreams.

Please keep us posted. Stay happy!


Thanks a lot for your warm reply baby, I 💖 you. A big amen to your prayers an would definitely keep you posted. Thanks👏💖