In thought

in teardrops •  last year 

I've been waiting to write
Write what you can read
Stories, fantasies, even news
But this hand still stiffens like wood

Still in my thinking, I tackled little by little
I do not care about people's laughing about my work
Looks funny, but that's my work
Which I will never be embarrassed

I've been waiting to write
Tales, fables, even novels
But what is possible?
The answer to everything in this world is possible
Just how we started it
Good intentions will produce good results as well
As the saying goes

This scratch that keeps me going
Expect my work to grow as well as deliver me to my dreams
Become a writer as well as a teacher
Ikhlas do charity for my country and my nation
Still in thought, to gain the future

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simply beautiful!!!

Simple and meaningful post..