Recognition day of my daughter athena and akira

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Hello fellow steemians! Good day!

Today, i am going to share my article about the achievements of my two daughter athena janin and akira jenta on their recognition day in school.

As parents it is worth it, wake up early in the morning. Prepare their breakfast and send them to school everyday. Helping them making their projects. All my sacrifices are worthy because of their achivements get in school.

All of this are not useless, my efforts turns to a great achievements of my daughters. All of my efforts were not wasted because all of this award, all the sweats are paid off. Tears of joy for us parents seeing our children walking up through the stage escorting with parents to accept some of their gettin awards and medals. It is a very big honor also for us parents, for being proud of our children for some achievements in school.

Ive remember a verse in the bible says! "Teach us a child when they were still young, for when they are old. They will not depart from evil doings". Giving them all the best that we can parents, supporting them in school activities. Gives them what they wants and needs of our children.

Extending my deepest inspiration through @teardrops, for the tears of joy.
And for @steemgigs in vote for a witness. Everyone has to offer.


Hope from my written article, it will gives an inspiration to my fellow steemian parents or becoming to be a parents who can relate. Thank you and GOD blessed us all always for the guidance of our children.

Respectfully yours,


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Congratulations to your daughters @natz04...

Thank you @morken

Congratulations for your two beautiful girls.