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This is not a joke.
I want to share my story and if you want to advice just comment below.
I have a girlfriend and we've been since September 2015. 2 years and 6 months. She's petite, 5'0 ft.She loves writing novel stories
Actually I'm with her now. She's kind, joker, sweet and she did everything for me.
This year, we decided to go back to her place., here at koronadal city (part of Mindanao,Philippines) and Everything starts here. I know she's sick not a normal one. She began to lose her weight and always complaining that she has a body pain especially to her pelvis. Last 2 days while talking to her Kuya Joseph, we all shocked when she shouted "ouch" and she began to pale. We tried to hold her hand but she don't want us to touch her. We don't know what's going on.
fAST Forward
I love her so much and I can't help but cry seeing her in pain everyday. I don't know what to do. I'm asking her to go to hospital but she doesn't want to go there.How did I act? I don't wanna lose her, no way! I tried convincing her to go to hospital for check up but she's always saying.. No! I can managed. She doesn't want me to know the result of the test. We're all worried about her, she can't walk, and she can't even sit down. She always shouting but we can't hold her because she felt that her bones are breaking. I don't want to act negativily but seeing her in that way I felt I'm nothing to her, I can't help her. I research about the symptoms of bone cancer and all are match. Last night she texted me while I'm playing 4pics.

How to react?

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I'm sorry to read this. It's difficult to get someone to go to doctor/hospital if they don't want to.
Just be there and try to help where you can.


Thank you, sir for your peace of advice.

After seeing a post of yours on Steemit.Chat, I looked at some of your earlier posts and came across this one. Very sad, heartfelt, real.

Jenebeth, it has been 18 days, I am worried about your friend. Has she gotten any medical attention? A doctor or hospital might be able to relieve her pain. Even a little relief would be better than none.

Her text message to you, if I understand it, seems to suggest that she feels a low self-worth because she might be terminally ill. I don't know how she would take it but my response if I were you would be to say, make the time you have be the best it can be, let me be part of it if I can.

Of course, after all this time, you are no longer wondering what to tell her. You have already told her something by now. If you don't mind my asking, what did you say? How did she respond? And how is she now?


Actually sir she is one of the member here, I convinced her to try this community to help her financially. Just check her account @philippinessteem.
I don't have an answer to her questions because I don't know how to react that time.


I don't know what to say either. I checked her account as you suggested. She made a post that discusses her diagnosis and her pain. A careful reader will understand from the post that her family had to sell their livestock (and perhaps land? the English is ambiguous) in order to deal with her cancer. Regrettably, her post does not directly ask for help. Still, if her post gets resteemed enough, perhaps there will be some readers who can offer her financial assistance.

Do you know whether she has a way to convert STEEM or SBD into fiat currency that she and her family can use?

I'm still fairly new to the Steemiverse with relatively few acquaintances here but I will try to get her post resteemed by more people.


I don't know how to convert sbd into fiat currency sir, I am beginner also. But thank you for your big help. We talked about you yesterday and her family are so thankful especially her father.