My Drawing Of Teardrops

in teardrops •  last year 


Hello Steeminians!

I know this is far from perfect drawing. Plenty here knows how to draw and I admire you if you're one of them. I'm just trying my best to draw this just to thanks steemit for changing my daily routine, I'm always in a good mood because of steemit. I just started here last January but I found steemit is fun. I tried many contest here but some of my entries turns bad. Hahaha 😅 ,well I'm just starting.


I would like to say thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for giving me a chance to join here and show our talent to steemit.

I hope you all like it and appreciate my talent.
Thank you 😊😊

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Walau anda baru belajar mengambar tapih udah lumanyan bagus.


Thank you.. @jackkie