in teardrops •  last year

It tears me apart inside

to even see photographs of you,

Because I look at you and I think,

'Wow, that used to be mine,

that person was a person

I thought the of,

A person I would've done absolutely anything for,

that's tha face of a person I loved with my entire being,

and that's tha face of a person who fucking wrecked me.

It's sad, really how one minute you can have

Everything you've ever wanted and the next minute

you could be collapsed on the floor of yor shower

trying to figure out if you want to be on this earth anymore

because the person you loved to death

Doesn't love you like he use to anymore>


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Very heartfelt. The feelings skillfully presented. Sad but I like it alot. It's something that we've all been through at some point in our lives.


indeed @larkspur :)
thanks :)

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