in teardrops •  last year

This is my creation of ''TEARDROPS SMART MEDIA TOKENS''




Tears are words that heart cannot say

Each tear drops brings a memory and each memory brings a smile

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Wow Nice!

this is amazing

This one is very creative. 😊


hehe thank you :)


Upvoted kapatid


Very creative I tell you..

I really do appreciate those person who have this God-given talent... You really had a great drawing skills... Hope you can make use of it and develop more of it in the future... Great job indeed!


hi @kyriel1234 thank you :)

Wow so amazing ... I appriciate this . Best of luck .


Hi thank you :)


Hello .. Most welcome dear .

it is great
i have made one looking like you.


wow..your an artist too :)

wow its really amazing work stay blessed, and thanks for for sharing amazing art work


thanks @ashrafashoor ..god bless us all


yeah and feel free to visit my blog too.

You have a wonderful creative idea, can explain your idea through the picture you make.


hello @fakhrurradhi thanks for appreciating my work...

Great article and prefect work.
This is very beautiful Artwork.
Thanks you.


thank you @cariglee

This post is resteemed and upvoted :)


thank you

What a great drawing @misspinay85!!
You are a great artist and i bet @surpassinggoogle will love your drawing! This post deserve upvote and resteem!


thanks :)

Love your creativity.
Keep it up!


thank you @leizureflex

Wow nice! Upvoted this post.


thank you :)

Fantastic .. I like much @misspinay :)


hello @alejoclawful thank you :)

fence, good thing, everyone has their creativity @misspinay85

very beautiful painting


thank you @mr-taleb

You really have an amazing talent. I love the way you give life to your sketch, plus the choice of color! Upvoted 😊

You do have the talent to draw. hopefully your drawing results are always weighty, I am very baryukur can see the results of your work here


hello @fady1992 thank you

tears are precious, with great value yet we are giving it for free and that what makes us human. steem on

😍😍😍Congratulations.... It’s beautiful... 😊