how to prepare sweet rolls or arepas

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greetings dear friends and steemians today I want to show you a new recipe a little easier to prepare, here in Venezuela we say sweet rolls or arepas. I will show you step by step how to do it at home.



  1. cornmeal
  2. Half a tablespoon of salt
  3. half a cup of sugar
  4. a spoonful of butter
  5. kitchen oil



Step 1. In a large or medium cup we put water depending on the amount of arepas you want to make.

Step 2. Half a spoonful of salt is added to give more pleasure to the preparation.

step 3. add half a cup of sugar and stir to mix the salt with the sugar.

Step 4. Start placing the cornmeal with the butter and mix until it has a smooth and manageable dough consistency.

Step 5. Place the oil in a hot pan and start cooking, it should be golden brown and crispy and ready.




Well, I hope you serve this recipe and that when you prepare it at home you like it. You can fill it with what you like and you will see that they are delicious.

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thanks for visiting my post until next time.!!

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