PROPOSAL COVER FOR surpassinggoogle "TearDrops blog"..

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

It took me a lots of time to think about what I should create about the TearDrops Token .. until i came to the idea of designing something like this ... i was not fully away of the contest but i always try to do something new .. to meet learn and to know.. i also read that Teardrops token is a new smt token soon to launch and that it Will Be Among The Coming Generation Of Smart Media Tokens And It Will Reward "Proof Of Tears". reff: @surpassinggoogle

TEAREDROPS new 1.jpg

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Great job bro... your talent is exactly what the world needs right now. Stay winning 💪

your graphical designs are amazing keep it up bro !


Thanks man.. Just keep being original... You will get there.

Woooow! Great design, i know our legend @surpassinggoogle will love this