I tried......i tried....

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For lack of interest,
I hung my paper and pen
Words took to their heels from my chest,
Maybe my head.
I tried... I tried... I tried to go poetic
But my paper and pen became non-magnetic

I tried.... I tried..... I really tried to keep up writing, but my thoughts are jamming with so much to say, yet nothing is written down.

[source](screenshot from the movie Big hero 6)

My imaginations Is clear, the inspiration in check, but my hands failed to lift the pain,
I had the thoughts, but by words dribbled
So inspirational words I could only scribble.
Who stole my muse?
Why did words refuse to be fused?
I tried....i tried..... I magdn really did tried..... Words just won't come to life.
I died... I died... I died
While alive.

Sometimes I want to write, but lots of things hold me down.
I remember discussing with a friend who is poetic and magical with the pen, but he stopped writing,
Why, i Asked, he said " I wrote a poem on not failing, and here I am repeating a course in the University"

The more reason we should keep writing, when it's high, you write, when it's low you write.

Mrs Allen told Berry Allen, "keep running 🏃" (the flash, I love it)

So keep writing.

Thanks to @surpassingoggle @teardrops for the love everytime.

I am @magdnrobinson
love will fall a frozen heart💢

Now am going to look for my inspiration.

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