Found 2 lumps in my left breast:what next?

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It's @maduprecious and have seen this platform has a family to share what happened to me recently. Yesterday was not really cool for me. I noticed 2 lump in my left breast for quite sometime. I decided to run a Breast Ultra Sound scan and there I have it, 2 lumps. The upper part is 12 by 10 mm mass and the lower part is 6 by 4mm mass.

My heart came out when I saw it on the screen, could it be cancer? I was restless with hidden tears surrounding my eyes. I browsed the whole night not sleeping to know if my lumps were cancerous. I saw positive and negative results. After the scan, I was sheduled the following day for my results and interpretation from the doctor.
My mum was there with me, I could see fear on her face, even if I wanted to be sick, not cancer? I prayed to God to make the result negative where the lumps are non cancerous (benign lumps). I cried, no doubt. But motivated my self to be strong until I see the doctor.
I went to see the doctor that morning by 9;00am. It was my turn already, my heart skipped faster. The doctor checked my report and all I needed to see is the expression on her face. She just said"it's nothing to bother about, I have a benign lump known as fibroadenomas."
I was extremely happy, I browsed about it with a calm mind and I understood that they are lumps as a result of changes in hormones, menstral cycle and body system. It disappears on it own and can't extend to cancer. You can enquire more. Thus, it is not all breast lumps that are cancerous but most are benign lumps.

But I was advice to under go an operation to remove it which I would. Am soo glad that my heart is finally calm.

I want to thank God, my family for been there when I was extremely scared and steemians for making a comfortable place to express my self.
BeautyPlus_20171225204012_save.jpgsourceme and my sweet supportive mother

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I was so scared and prayed the results were negative after reading this post I read through the breast ultrasound scan result.
Fibroadenoma actually occurs usually in young girls and you rightly said it is non cancerous
You detect a new breast lump

You notice other changes in your breasts

A breast lump you've had checked before has grown or otherwise changed and appears to be separate from the surrounding breast tissue

The surgery for removal would definitely be successful sis and you won't have any history of fibroadenomas anymore in Jesus name.

Amen. Thanks cousin for this kind comments.. I appreciate 💓💓💓💓

Wow, I got scared . Thank God they were non cancerous.. Success in your operation

Thank God and thank you

Thank God it was benign! Goodluck in the lumpectomy. Its a minor surgery you shou!d be fine!😘

Awwwn, thank you so much @nairadaddy. You don't know how happy I am getting to see your comment. Thank God it was benign.. Thank you very much😘

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Wow... We understand how you must have felt on your realisation of such condition.
Do stay calm and seek your doctors counsel in case you feel any different. You would do just fine. We love you dear. Stay strong

Thank you very much. You truly care

Thank God it was negative dear. You will never have such terminal illness by the grace of God.

Amen sis. Thanks for your support

Thank God. Reading this, my heart skipped a beat. I learned something new in the process. Stay healthy.
God bless you!

Thanks alot, you such a nice person. God bless you