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Hi thanks to all my fellow steemians finally I got one of my teardrops proposal logo.It not really nice but I made a lot of effort because I don't have really a nice drawing. IMG_20180223_202110.jpg
In my case i only use blue ballpen and pencil of my son.And i surprised myself that i don't know that my son has no crayon at his bag Ohh.
IMG_20180223_195558.jpgand after a few hours im done.
The trees there are the community that we are growing and we still have to share this not to our family,friends,neighbors but also for others who really in need. For how many i have been thinking if i need to do this logo but now i made it.

Thank you guys.

and I hope also that @surpassinggoogle would recognize and see my little effort for this post. God bless to evryone

This is me always see you on my next post.

Love lots,

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you are still doing the great job lorner... keep steeming


Nice you try


Don't cry @lorner, things will get better soon!
What is the logo for?

It is for the community

Okay I am not familiar with this #teardrop community, but i like your creative effort.
Check out this guy he will resteem your post for free once a week.

Thanks you for the help it help me a lot my friend @friendly-fenix.

If you want to maybe I could help you turn your logotype into a vectorised/digital image?

This post has received a 0.34 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @friendly-fenix.

Thank you so much. @booster.

@surpassinggogle has a great heart, and he appreciates what his community does for him. Actions are loves and help the community in many ways, so he deserves our help. How to help him? if you wish to do so, you can vote for your witness "steemgigs"

Yes so kind person I already vote for them. Thanks my fellow steemians @samic.