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After waking up this morning and completing my daily routine i decided to log in to my #steemit account and see what's going on the wonderful platform.

To my greatest shock and sadness i didn't find any of my STEEM in my wallet.
At first i thought it was network issues , so i reloaded it again and again and again.

Then i decided to check my wallet history and then it hit me : I HAD BEEN HACKED.

It felt like a nightmare. A Dream . A bad joke.

But it's real. Someone somewhere somehow got access to my account and sent out 45 steem to @blocktrades pretending to be me.

I contacted a few friends on what to do and they adviced i first change my password, which i did.

They then asked series of questions such as whether i clicked on links or exposed my passwords.
I never did any of those things and this majes the situation more complicated.

I always knew STEEMIT to be a platform of Love, oneness and openness, so this comes as a devastating blow to me.



I Love STEEMIT and always will, for those stealing and siphoning funds that don't belong to them ( 99 days for the thief, but 1 day for the owner).

The wrath of GOD is coming upon you.

I intended on using that Steem to purchase a very useful home appliance, but i don't know if that's possible now.

I will keep steeming for now;


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Oh dear. Sorry to read about this awful event. Please post any updates on this issue. This surely will be a big concern to many.


Thank you so much for your wonderful support @bobbylee.

I emailed @blocktrades but they assured me that my steem could never be gotten back.

So sad. They adviced i move on.


Sorry dear. You'll recover

Please change your password, save both the current and future passwords in a secure place in so you don't lose them, and do not share that key on any questionable sites or apps. The reason to save the old password is in case you get locked out and your account stolen; having it can help facilitate account recovery.


Thank you Sir @donkeypong
I Will do as you have said.
Thank you.

Very sorry about the incident my dear.. I hope you recover the funds in no long time.

Seriously, I'm still wondering how did they hack it. You didn't expose ur password. How come? Have u found out? Take care

Omg, i'm very sorry for this.
The user can be tracked through the memo sent to blocktrades.

But who the hell can do this.


This is the culprits bitcoin address :


This is the memo he used to send it to @blocktrades


This was done by someone very close to you, perhaps have access to your phone or your gmail account if you ever save your password to your mail.

So sorry about this dear

So sorry about your hacked account and stolen steem. Even though, i'm new here. I have a friend on here whose has had almost similar experience. Double for your loss dear