in teardrops •  last year


I find it hard to let you know
what is really going through my mind
because words tend to stay locked
behind a wall of confusion
and the looks you give me
only reflect the sadly truthful words
you had said not too long ago,
blinding anything i’ve ever wanted
to give to you
and leaving behind only a shadow
hiding away the limp thoughts
i regret not saying sooner

but there is still this hollow feeling i get
that begs for recognition in the midst
of moving on
that makes falling seem just so right

because when you ask me if i love you,
i only wish i had the courage to say
“you make it hard for me not to.”

#love #healing #breakup #confliction #temptation

Artwork by @lightoj
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Gratify all your content. Continue the splendidly work.

Beautiful eyes open across a pillow top, it seems for this moment time will stop, with a smiles of simple pleasure, this should last forever.


The work of art is one that is always evolving. Thanks for dropping comments that encourages. You're awesome

Keep it up


Thanks, Art always express itself.

nice art in there! but I wonder why you uses scorpion in your poetry? anyway good work, keep it up.